We’re a mission
driven company

With a combined 100+ years of experience, our mission is to succeed in delivering the most value to our community in every capacity - while doing what we love.

Team work makes the Dream work.

Our team is what makes us special. We support each other, celebrate one another, and grow together. That's why it works. That's why we work together.

The Dream Team

Jennifer H. | Co-founder

CEO. Customer Experience, Retention & Data extremist. Over a decade of experience in the game. Humanitarian. Connate Contrarian. Be better, do better.

Johnson P. | Co-founder

01000011 01010100 01001111. Founded multiple startups. Big [calculated] risk, big reward. AI & Data Enthusiast. The Grinder. Move fast and get it done.

Daniel F. |  Sales Director

Customer Whisperer. Problem Solver. Smile Maker. 15+ years of partnering with and driving success for customers. People, Planet. Purpose.

Zack M. | Full Stack Developer

Bug Tackler. Code Architect. Technology Enthusiast. Working on ambitious projects and keeping up to date with latest trends in tech.

David K. | Data Analyst/Scientist

Data expert with a passion for data driven solutions and easily understandable analysis. Lifetime student. Always here to crack a joke.

Julie N. | Full Stack Developer

Developer. Coffee addict. Gym lover. Experience in building and designing full-stack applications. Always looking to learn and teach others.

Bruce L. | Full Stack Developer

Strong drive to learn, improve & develop innovative software and products that will make a positive impact. Avid NBA and movie watcher.

Alvin H. | Data Engineer/Analyst

Knowledge seeker, and gaming geek. Crafting automated solutions to shape data. Enjoys being goofy around familiar faces. Mission: Grind.

AJ Rehmani | Marketing Coordinator

MBA Marketing. Post Grad in Finance. Analyst. Knowledge Enthusiast. Trilingual. Marketing Genius. They call me UBER Coz I Drive in Traffic.

James DeGreef


Hans Knapp

Hans Knapp


Frank Worsley


Bonnie Chau


Brad Jenkins


Austin Hill


Our Culture

We are value, customer, people, and data-driven.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Space

We are value, customer, people and data-driven.

Psychologically safe.

Pet friendly.

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