Customer Data Warehouse and Pipeline

Why being data-driven is needed, yet difficult, and how we help.

Customer Data Warehouse and Pipeline
Adaptive Pulse

The New Data Wave

Data-driven, data-first and objective - These are things that we, our users and most organizations are shifting towards. It’s harder said than done now with the abundance of tools available across different platforms and functions that they serve. There are multiple mediums that businesses use to connect with their customers, providing them with choices like emails, calls, chats, social media, support chat, and more. This has been extremely beneficial to the customer as they can choose any options they prefer and feel comfortable with. On the other hand, a side effect is that this leaves the business with customer data and insights living in disparate sources, disconnected from each other.

To assist businesses on their initiatives to become data-driven, services like Snowflake and Amazon Redshift have become very popular to help consolidate the data into one place for it to be stored for businesses, let’s say, into a warehouse for data. Data Services like Segment and Panoply then feeds the data from the warehouse to the necessary places that businesses need for analysis or to be displayed, similar to pipelining the data.

Scattered Puzzle Pieces

All of these are necessary to have. Firstly, a single source of truth for all your data, and secondly, to have a truly comprehensive and all-encompassing analysis of your data. Without this, the customer data is being analyzed separately (and often manually) in their respective tools and often includes knowledge gaps as customer insights live in their data silos. It’s like trying to put together a puzzle, but the pieces are scattered across different boards. Only when the pieces are all together in one place, will it be possible to effectively and efficiently solve the puzzle.

Adaptive Pulse has recognized this problem and has been admiring and following the journey of the services mentioned above. We’ve realized that not everyone is a great fit for these services or have the internal resources to build the data warehouse or pipeline themselves. For us to effectively and efficiently perform our analysis, it is best when the businesses have their data warehoused and piped, so we have decided to follow our motto of taking the technical debt and offer these services to those who don’t, to enable our Retention Intelligence.

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