Customer Success Platform Feature Comparisons

Why we're different and better with predictive insights, AI and automation.

Customer Success Platform Feature Comparisons
Adaptive Pulse

#1 Advanced Customer Intelligence Platform

Predict customer churn. Boost Net Revenue Retention.

Choosing tools to help your customer success teams can be challenging. CSMs are kept busy with multiple accounts, manual data entry and chasing customers. 

Understanding customers doesn’t need to be complicated. Adaptive Pulse increases customer retention and net revenue with a simple, yet robust platform. 

Adaptive Pulse predicts and identifies at-risk and expansion customers for SaaS businesses to prioritize retention efforts, reduce churn, and increase revenues. Adaptive Pulse has reached 93% accuracy in predictive churn model and is currently serving both Canada and the U.S. markets.

Our Customer Retention Intelligence Platform analyzes historical customer data using NLP and predictive models for companies to prevent churn and maximize upsells and cross sells in real-time. With a few clicks of a button we start ingesting customer lifecycle data (e.g. CRM, support tickets, emails, transcripts, chats, NPS, CSAT, surveys, reviews, product usage etc.). Using these models, we flag customers who need more engagement or intervention and also provide recommendations for current workflows.

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