Adaptive Pulse

The easiest tool your B2B Customer Success team can start using right now.
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The leading AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that helps your business find leaking revenue.

Keeping your data locked in dashboards SLOWS your team down. Serve your sales, marketing and customer success teams a 360˚ view of the customer.

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Meet Customer Success teams that use Adaptive Pulse to SUPERCHARGE their business

Simple, Robust

Don’t waste your time on data silos, manual entry and coding internal tools. Empower your teams with actionable insights, automation and project management resources. Start right away with easy one-click integrations with your current tech stack to get customer healthscores, trends and real-time insights.


A 360˚ view of your customers

Set your business teams up for success with product analytics, support tickets, NPS, revenue data and CRM to deliver exceptional customer experience. Teams can collaborate to stop leaking revenue, understand customer needs and leverage insights all in ONE place.

Easily Integrate

One-click integrations make starting easy and fast. Sync customer data from tools across your tech stack in only a few minutes. No coding required and no need to pull in your engineering, operations or IT for help!