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All your data will always be ready, accessible, secure, and at your fingertips.

No data warehouse? No problem.
Whether we sit on top of your warehouse or provide one, we have all your data needs.

Industry Leading Solutions

Democratize data for all teams

Predict early warnings

ELT & dbt

Clean, govern, and transform raw and disparate data (or bring your own dbt models) for teams to use.

Produce language machine learning

360° view

Structured and unstructured data, across different tools, all in one place and sent to where your teams need it.

Prepare your siloed customer data


Ask any customer questions from data yourself, without waiting for the responses from your colleagues.

Send your data to where you need it.

Whether it's in your data warehouse or ours, you don't wait on your data team for valuable data  that you need, when you need then.


Connect your data

Eliminate data silos simply by connecting every tool with our click integrations. A true accessible, intelligent and configurable 360° view.

Clean & transform

Using ELT and dbt, the Data Hub cleans, governs, and transforms your data for accurate analysis and insights.


Analytics, intelligence & beyond

Power your teams with actionable insights, custom views and dashboards, with robust drill down capabilities into cohorts to ask questions and learn more from your data.

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