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Modern problems require modern solutions. From raw data to AI-powered scores and recommendations, we help you proactively understand, manage and make your customers successful.


A data platform sitting on top of data warehouse.

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Custom rules and automation to make sure data is clean, deduplicated and ready for analysis.

Platform Agnostic

Sitting on top of our own data warehouse or yours, we make it easy to get up and running quickly.

Adaptable Connection

Available integrations, API's and custom integrations to the tools that you need connected to the Data Hub.

AI Engine

A machine learning and data pipeline analyzing and predicting on your data.

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Data Pipeline

Backed by our Data Hub, we provide the plumbing necessary to bring all customer data in one place.

Feature Store

Using specific data marts to automatically choose and test the right features for a given prediction.

Continuous Learning

Real-time inference and continual ingestion of data to ensure models are constantly trained with new data and ensure state-of-the-art accuracy.

Natural Language Processing

Using models fine-tuned to specific tasks needed to analyzed unstructured data to feed into the models.

Predictive Analytics

By analyzing historical data and pairing with proprietary insights, we aim to provide the most accurate probabilities for a given prediction.


Reduce churn, increase expansion and keep a pulse on your customer's health.

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Predictive Retention

Propensity to churn, up-sell/cross-sell backed by our intelligent Data Hub and AI Engine analyzing historical and current data.

Automated Health

Heuristic modelling of customer health backed by your knowledge and industry benchmarks, we automate the scoring, weights and calculations in real-time.

Lifetime Value

Query your data and analysis or connect directly from your favourite BI and database tools.