Predictive Scores

Powered by millions of data points.

Health Scores

Go beyond a subjective score: Understand the who, when, and why of a customer's health at any given time.

Churn Scores

Understand and predict the who, when, and why a customer may churn before it's too late.

Growth Scores

Surface who and when there are customer up-sell, cross-sell, & new opportunities at the right time.

Lifetime Value

Predict, understand, and identify factors to increase lifetime value across customer segments.

Forward-thinking Features


Connect your CRM, BI tools, and other data sources to ingest fields for your customer health score.

Predictive analytics

Proprietary AI-powered Churn scoring models to predict and proactively prevent churn before it's too late.


Don't wait for a subjective, manually updated score. Get a fresh, data-drive Churn score the moment a field changes.

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A data platform sitting on top of the data warehouse

A machine learning and data pipeline analyzing and predicting on your data

Actionable Customer Intelligence at Scale.
Connect your data, build your source of truth and make data-driven decisions.