Custom & Robust

Navigate through masses of data with auto-generated insights and ranked lists using custom filters and criteria.

Grow revenue.
De-risk churn.

Identify and prioritize hot leads and at-risk customers. Optimize conversions. Increase engagement, growth, and retention.

Rank candidates.
Retain Talent.

Automatically analyze and review resumes, cover letters, CVs, and surveys to reveal best fit talent for the position and culture.

Optimize criteria.
Rank submissions.

Pre-fill and optimize criteria with recommendations to increase qualified bids. Save time reviewing trusted AI shortlists.

"Dashboards created were sent to the CRO weekly."

"Data accessibility and visibility with Adaptive Pulse was the best investment we made for the customer success organization. Now we're able to understand risk sooner by measuring customer activity changes day to day."

Mary L.
Head of Customer Success

"Accessible and actionable data."

"Adaptive Pulse is helping us better manage our customers by moving from manual spreadsheets and data silos to automating a customer scoring system. We can trust our data is clean with one source of truth for accurate analytics, dashboards and predictive insights."

Serena Y.
Manager, Customer Success

Churn risk or expansion

"We were looking to gain more insight into our customer retention, and the types of data that might indicate a churn risk or expansion opportunity within our customer base. Jen, Johnson, and the team at Adaptive Pulse continue to be wonderful to work with!"

Kaleah B.
Director, Operations

Your one-stop data solution for all your storage, analysis and reporting needs.

All your data, clean and consolidated into a single source of truth.

Prioritize the right people
at the right time

Make business decisions that help you grow.
With data that actually matters.

Actionable Insights

Act immediately with data + recommendations.

AI Analysis

Work smarter by leveraging purpose-built AI.

Accessible Data

Data at your fingertips when you need it.

Over 300+ Integrations with your favourite platforms